The goal of this creative assignment was to capture an image that stays within one colour region. I chose yellow because it is a fun colour and I wanted to work with it more. Planning a yellow image had it challenges, but working with my model, we were able to find a beautiful yellow outfit that worked well with the set. I also brought in yellow balloons and a gold fabric to add depth to the image.


During the session I played with posing, I really wanted to highlight the models beautiful face and eyes, as well as the outfit. So using the balloons as lead-in lines was key in the success of the image and taking lots of photos to have a large selection.

Editing and Selection

Working with other photographers I was able to narrow down my two favourite images from the shoot. After careful consideration and discussion with other photographers I believe the final image below truly captures the joy of yellow. It was a fun challenge to explore and it helped my grow as an artist. Being creative and thinking outside of the box is crucial for growth.