This summer...

I had the privilege of working at a STEM-focused summer camp. This camp opened my eyes to how intertwined technology is with our lives. Many of us believe that technology is overpowering our society and is advancing way too quickly for our needs. Yet there is a bright side to these advancements. An example would be here at The STEAM Project. The STEAM Project is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-themed camp, where students are introduced to advanced challenges to overcome using technology.

These photos are taken with the all-girls robotics team. These girls meet three times a week after school to build robots to compete in competitions. This use of technology is not only a way to develop their brains but it is so much more. It is them coming together through technology to work on their social skills, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills. It takes them away from sitting at home to bring them to a social setting to work on technology together. It also brings to light the importance of technology in the future. These girls, at such a young age, are doing things that are so technically advanced. Technology is going to be a large part of our future and a large part of education.

My goal with this shoot

is to highlight how technology has evolved to become a large part of today's education. These girls blew my mind how intelligent they are because of how technology has been able to speed up that learning process. Most of the girls had a laptop or iPad nearby taking notes, crossing off steps, revealing how technology is immersed in everyone's lives and how dependent we are on it to continue learning and educating at the rate we are today. These students represent the future, and at the age of 15 they are building robots, imagine in 20 years what 15-year-olds will be doing.