Helmet Bag + Boot Trees

Black Knight is a Canadian Business specializing in handcrafted equine products. In this shoot, I wanted to highlight the amount of skill and beauty within all of her custom-made work.
Featured here are the matching boot trees and helmet bag. I wanted to highlight the set together as it shows that there is the ability to match items within the store together. In addition, the different sizes create lots of triangles within the image.

Rider Wristlet

The most well-known product from Black Knight is their rider wristlet. These wristlets also attach to your belt for riding! I wanted to capture the unique aspects of the product, including the shine and logo. By using three wristlets I was able to create unique triangles within the image and create continuity between them. The use of the snoot creates a unique spotlight behind the products making them pop.

Rider Bag and Black Knight Essentials

In this session, I wanted to highlight the versatile products the brand produces. Here is a bag filled with some essential products hanging in mid-air. I love the idea of it flying in because it makes people want to reach out and grab it. Thus creating the desire that they want something in this bag. This shoot was fun and challenging, but I believe product photography is a rewarding genre.